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Forrester Predicts Cloud Market Shifts in 2020

Forrester has released its anticipated yearly predictions for cloud computing, giving businesses something to consider as they enter 2020. Cloud has seen many shifts in recent years, going from a place to collaborate, to somewhere to store personal information and then software, and finally to what it is today – a collection of tools that improve business processes and enable a larger digital transformation. This is why Forrester’s predictions are eagerly awaiting each year – the cloud’s dynamic nature.

This year, Forrester’s five predictions center on the cloud battle causing shifts, with many vendors to make strategic moves. Newer technology will emerge and grow at the same time, according to the predictions, to meet new demands.

Cloud vendors find their place

Vendors will return to familiar focuses due to Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Azure, and, at least in Asia, Alibaba controlling the hyperscale public cloud market. IBM is anticipated to focus on helping enterprises use OpenShift after its acquisition of Red Hat, while Oracle will return its focus to its software-as-a-service (SaaS) and autonomous database products.

SaaS vendors as a category will join Oracle and IBM in moving to the hyperscale leaders for infrastructure purposes, too. This move allows them to focus on application functionality instead of trying to compete in areas like security and scale.

HPC, service meshes, and cloud security become a focus

We have recently seen the rise of containers and Kubernetes, and in 2020, the use of high-performance computing (HPC), service meshes/serverless computing, and cloud security will become a focus, according to Forrester. Cloud providers are ready to make HPC a cost-effective option on the public cloud, opening it up to consumers. In fact, Forrester predicts HPC use in the public cloud to rise to 40%.

At the same time, service meshes are set to come to the fore to provide interservice networking, visibility, and security on enterprise container platforms, while serverless will open new programming models. Meanwhile, recent breaches mean that security is also to become a focus, with cloud management players to lead the charge.

Read the full report from Forrester

Download the full report from Forrester’s cloud analysts to read more about their predictions and what it will mean for the cloud market in 2020 and beyond.

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