Cloud vs On-Premises Chatbot Implementation - Financial Services
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Cloud vs On-Premises Chatbot Implementation – Financial Services

My last post highlighted the benefits of implementing these bots to enhance customer experience. This post explores chatbot implementation on the cloud and on-premises.

A number of chatbots are designed to operate expressly in a cloud environment. There are leading-edge products that can still be installed on-premises. If an organization’s operating platforms are in-house, having the chatbot co-located may be a logical choice. An additional benefit of having the chatbot on-premises is that all client conversations and transactions remain fully company confidential.

Implementation Staffing

Having an implementation team experienced in the configuration and training of chatbot and ML engines is of critical importance. As reported by Forrester Research, “Talent is scarce: Conversational interfaces demand technical expertise, from back-end and front-end engineers to AI wizards, all of whom are hard to attract and retain. But that’s not all. Conversations demand a breadth of skills found more often in liberal arts establishments, not tech startups.”

Given the criticality of getting it right, and the visibility of getting it wrong, from a customer service satisfaction viewpoint, having an experienced chatbot implementation partner is of the utmost importance. Perficient has formal partnerships with leading chatbot platform providers and consultants with the necessary skillset. We have a proven record of success with cloud-based and on-premises implementations.

To learn more about the trends and capabilities in AI chatbots, options for integrating them into client service workflows, and how they can reduce expenses and increase revenue in the process you can download our guide here, or click the link below.

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