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Episerver Acquires Insite Software

On Monday, December 16, 2019, Insite Software was acquired by Episerver. This acquisition provides significant opportunities for both organizations. Episerver is known for its digital experience, personalization, and marketing automation capabilities. However, Episerver’s digital commerce product has been listed just outside the leaders in the eyes of analysts and the market. Episerver also has limited exposure in North America. By acquiring Insite Software, Episerver instantly gains a market presence in North America. With Insite’s leading B2B digital commerce core platform, Episerver will be able to provide its long list of existing customers a more compelling B2B commerce offering and hop into the leaders’ category.

Episerver and Insite Software join an ever-growing list of acquisitions in the digital commerce space as of late. However, unlike some of these recent acquisitions, this one is easily understood. Both Episerver and Insite products use Microsoft standards for .NET MVC, leveraging Angular and React and other extensible frameworks. This is appealing to many organizations that have significant investments in this technical stack.

These two platforms also share a similar headless API approach to their platforms, which makes integration of the two easier than other systems. In fact, many .NET-focused enterprise infrastructures deploy Episerver products within their existing InsiteCommerce system because of natural synergies between these solutions. Bringing Insite’s product suite and Episerver under a single owner can only strengthen those synergies as these platforms evolve into the next generation.

It will be interesting to watch as Episerver’s customer-centric digital experience platform and Insite’s B2B eCommerce purpose-built solutions align under one banner. As a long-time partner of both Episerver and Insite, Perficient is excited to help new and existing clients realize the value of this acquisition can bring to their own digital transformation.

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