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Debunking DevOps #5- It Will Sell Itself

This is the fifth blog in a series exploring some common DevOps misconceptions. Break past the myths to get the most from your strategy.

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Myth #5: The virtues of DevOps will sell itself to your IT organization

The value of DevOps is clear, and new tools and processes will appeal to your organization right off the bat. Teams will want to get on board and will be ready to make the necessary changes to save time and money.

People and teams want to do better and be excited about the change and the coming benefits. However, when working on ongoing projects, getting a latent buy-in from your IT team isn’t enough.

You need a clear and focused vision to get everyone truly invested in the changes that DevOps will bring to your enterprise.

Based on the size of your organization, culture, and scope of change, a significant investment in people and communication is required in order to enact sustainable change. Your IT team will need to learn new skills and processes, and maybe even be replaced. You will need to be patient as you undergo these changes too.

Just like in other areas of digital transformation, adopting DevOps requires a clear roadmap that spells out how you’ll reach your goal and how you plan to sell your enterprise on adopting the right technology, establishing processes, and filling skills gaps.

Why even adopt a DevOps strategy?

Organizations shouldn’t think of DevOps as just improving the workflow around development and operations. Instead, think of it as part of an overall agile transformation of your IT.

Adopting DevOps will streamline business-critical IT processes, help you migrate legacy systems, and adopt new technologies, but you need a plan to successfully implement it. Implementing strategy is a process, but once you’re on the other side, you will have closed any skills gaps, established new processes, and adopted tools that work for you.

Learn more to arm yourself from being misled. Download our guide and get started debunking DevOps myths.


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Caitlin Koenig

Caitlin is the Marketing Manager for Perficient's Emerging Solutions portfolio and Salesforce. She lives in St. Louis and is a proud St. Louis Blues fan.

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