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Debunking DevOps #4- Developers Making Operations Obsolete

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This is the fourth blog in a series exploring some common DevOps misconceptions. Break past the myths to get the most from your DevOps strategy.

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Myth #4: Skilled developers will make the operations team obsolete

If some of your teams are more innovative, it’s reasonable to start your own mini IT organization that can better support your needs. This means you’re only relying on the existing IT teams for legacy support only.

Although this might work for a short-term option for getting started with cloud services, in the long-term, you need to look at a broader enterprise operations strategy.

As many full- and partial-stack variants become reality, it’s easier to get a complex, fully programmable application stack up and running in the cloud. This can replace many of the tasks that were previously done by an operations person, but it doesn’t replace the value of a dedicated operations team that can focus on higher-level operational concerns.

Your IT team will be the source of truth and governance, controlling risk management, auditing, business continuity, and indemnity to your organization. Some skills will overlap in a DevOps approach, but the knowledge and skills of your operations team are necessary to your overall solution and future success.

Why even adopt a DevOps strategy?

Organizations shouldn’t think of DevOps as just improving the workflow around development and operations. Instead, think of it as part of an overall agile transformation of your IT.

Adopting DevOps will streamline business-critical IT processes, help you migrate legacy systems, and adopt new technologies, but you need a plan to successfully implement it. Implementing a DevOps strategy is a process, but once you’re on the other side, you will have closed any skills gaps, established new processes, and adopted tools that work for you.

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