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Perficient Supports A Precious Child Giving Tree This Holiday Season

Who is “A Precious Child,” and what do they do?

A Precious Child assists children and families facing difficult life challenges such as abuse, neglect, crisis situations, and poverty. They work with more than 440 Agency Partners throughout eight Denver-metro counties to identify children and families in need of their services.

Their core initiatives help build the whole child. Through their Resource Center and Boutiques, they help meet basic human needs. They also help children and their families navigate community resources. This work is done through the Child Outcomes Resource Center. Child Outcomes Advocates provide personalized case management to disadvantaged and displaced children and families. They connect them with needed resources, services, opportunities, and educational support.

Through their four key focus areas, A Precious Child aims to bridge the gap in children’s education so they can become secure, self-reliant members of their communities as adults.

A Precious Child aims to bridge the gap in children’s education so they can become secure, self-reliant, contributing members of their communities.

2019 Heroes of A Precious Child Video

Some of the children and families that have been supported by A Precious Child face significant challenges. This video provides insight into what they are going through and how this wonderful organization has supported them through the most difficult times of their lives.

How Our Denver Regional Consultants Supported A Precious Child This Holiday Season

This year, my Denver-based colleagues supported A Precious Child by signing up for their Giving Tree program. We provided 50 children with gifts of their choice this year. In total, we donated approximately $3,500 in both gifts and monetary donations.

A Precious Child has two main options of how to give. A physical toy drive with the bins located in the office and a physical Giving Tree. The Giving Tree had tags with the name, age, and reference number for every child. On these tags were their three top gift choices.

Perficient A Precious Child Group Denver 600

Colleagues in our Denver region are fairly dispersed, so we requested a spreadsheet with the names of 50 children and their top three choices for holiday presents. We posted it to our local SharePoint site that allowed even our most remote consultants the ability to contribute. We made it easy for individuals to choose a child and a gift and put their name with it. They could order a gift through Amazon or another online store and have it delivered directly to A Precious Child’s office.

Other options included a direct donation through A Precious Child’s website. Our General Manager Jerry Colwell and his wife Shelly helped to collect donations, purchase gifts, and deliver directly for us. A special thanks to both of them for spending their personal time helping make these kids’ holiday special.

Requests were very diverse, with kids requesting anything from gloves and hats and basic gift cards to art supplies and scooters. We hope they love their gifts and that they help make this holiday season special. A big thank you to everyone who donated this year!

Perficient Volunteers for A Precious Child

Earlier this year, our Denver-area colleagues spent a few evenings volunteering for A Precious Child sorting clothes and toys. We all have so much respect for the work this organization does, and for their volunteers who spend countless, selfless hours supporting this great cause.

For more information on A Precious Child, check out their website.

Presents A Precious Child

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