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Is Your Marketing Attribution Strategy Suffering From Weak Executive Buy-In?

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This is the final post in a 5-part series on hidden attribution flaws marketers should watch out for in their marketing strategy.
As we noted in earlier posts in the series, marketing attribution can be a challenge if you have flaws hiding in your marketing strategy.
The last flaw in our hidden attribution series is weak executive buy-in. Marketing attribution strategies and goals are a true team effort and if your executives are missing from the conversation, your efforts may struggle to produce results.
Here are a few signs this flaw could be impacting you:

  • Budget allocation struggles – your leadership isn’t closely connected to your strategies and goals so they don’t clearly understand why you are asking for a new attribution tool.
  • Low-level company awareness of campaign performance – marketers need to communicate with internal teams clearly and often when it comes to campaign performance. If your company isn’t regularly updated on performance, weak executive buy-in could be an issue.
  • Marketing viewed as a cost center rather than a growth driver – if your company doesn’t see the revenue driven by marketing they might view your team as a cost center rather than a growth driver.

Engaging the C-suite level is key for marketers looking to advance their attribution efforts.
Download the guide below to learn more about this hidden flaw and the others to watch out for.

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