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3 Ways Pivotal Can Revamp Your Middleware

While the exact definition of middleware varies, we classify middleware as API management, B2B gateways, application servers, event processing, and message-oriented middleware. Middleware has become a foundation for many businesses as digital transformation and cloud technologies are changing the way organizations operate. But as business demands increase, heritage middleware platforms are struggling to adapt, and the cost associated with heritage middleware platforms is more than just monetary. The need for integration is only increasing, but there are tangible ways to effect change in your organization by modernizing your middleware.

How Pivotal Can Help

Pivotal Platform is a cloud-native option to modernize your middleware. This means that Pivotal is a multi-cloud platform designed to facilitate application development and function at cloud scale while offering your team a single software platform. Employing Pivotal Platform to modernize your operations can have three major effects on your business:

1. Developer Innovation

Pivotal allows developers to maintain their focus on application development and deployment by managing servers and server clusters. This will allow your development team to spend less time keeping the lights on and more time writing code, which means more opportunity for innovation in your business. According to Pivotal’s research, developers using Pivotal Platform can spend 30 hours a week on coding, compared to 20 hours before Pivotal.

2. Reliability

In addition to the ability to create new applications, Pivotal Platform also allows the modernization of old applications. This makes heritage code more reliable and more cost effective. Enhanced code reliability means less time and money for IT support.

3. Value Generation

By making use of automation, developers can deploy applications more quickly and more frequently than ever. With the modernization of your middleware, your development team has the potential to execute daily or weekly releases, compared to monthly releases on legacy platforms. With more applications reaching the market more rapidly, your organization’s ability to compete with leaders in your industry is substantially elevated.

Working with Perficient

As an Advanced Pivotal Ready Partner, we lead organizations through the modernization process. Our certified Pivotal consultants and Pivotal Platform Acceleration Lab graduates have delivered numerous successful projects across industries.

To learn more, download our guide below to explore your options for middleware modernization and how to begin.

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