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How Cloud Improves Processes to Bring ROI

The following is the ninth blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance.

In our previous blog, we highlighted the potential cloud offers as it pertains to making savings and generating revenue. In this blog, we’re going to examine a real-life example of this through the cloud streamlining work and ensuring accuracy.

The need to improve processes

Many businesses are struggling with manual processes slowing workflow and resulting in errors. This is especially an issue for healthcare organizations, which deal with a large volume of data.

Our client, a leading managed care provider, was one of those companies seeking to improve processes. Specifically, the company needed help collecting medical case data, improving billing accuracy, and routing cases. They had additional integration issues that had come as a result of acquisitions. This lack of integration added extra difficulties to the issues with processes.

Using the cloud to improve processes and bring ROI

Leveraging the cloud to modernize processes and technology, we worked with the client to integrate technologies and automate cumbersome processes. This included providing strategic guidance to the client while also implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Azure architecture, identity management, project management, full stack deployment, and application support capabilities in order to modernize. At the same time, we developed a modern single-page application for automation capabilities and utilized a cloud-native Azure platform-as-a-service solution to build a platform for the development team to work with the operations team.

The result of this was the client having an integrated multiple-product-line system handling 90 percent of company revenue. Processes as a whole were streamlined with task-driven workflows, including intelligent case routing, while thousands of users were empowered for accurate data entry, reducing billing errors as a result. All of this saved great amounts of time throughout the businesses, giving immediate ROI for the cloud move.

As well as that, our team worked alongside internal and offshore development teams to help them acquire necessary skills. This resulted in a successful transition to internal development, operations, and support teams. This meant the client was able to leverage the cloud themselves for long-term ROI, as well as a short-term boost.

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