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Is Your Marketing Attribution Strategy Missing The Most Relevant Account Connections?

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This is the fourth post in a 5-part series on hidden attribution flaws marketers should watch out for in their marketing strategy.
Marketing attribution can be a challenge if you have flaws hiding in your marketing strategy.
The fourth hidden flaw in our marketing attribution series is missing the most relevant account connections. This flaw can be present if your audiences aren’t receiving content relevant to their interests, role or function.

Watch for these three signs to see if you are missing the most relevant account connections:

  • Key account campaigns stuck at the top of the funnel – you are acquiring net new leads but your campaigns are not engaging with the leads enough to move them along the funnel beyond acquisition.
  • Low engagement due to a lack of relevant content for target persona – marketing managers are interested in different topics than marketing directors. If you don’t take notice of this distinction, you may think you’re sending relevant content, but lack of engagement will show otherwise.
  • Lack of sales involvement – the sales team is key in understanding if your marketing nurtures are resonating with leads. If you lack input from your sales team you might be missing key information needed to improve engagement.

Want to learn more? Download our guide below to learn what to do about this hidden flaw and the others to watch for.

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