Security Audits and Penetration Testing in Financial Services
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Security Audits and Penetration Testing in Financial Services

Previously, I discussed the cybercrimes of phishing and the signs it’s happening. This blog will highlight security audits and penetration testing.

Given the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats, coupled with the dynamic nature of new hardware and software deployments, it is imperative to perform security audits and penetration testing on a regular and frequent basis.

Security audits typically review a firm’s applications, servers, workstations, and network devices against a policy or established baseline, looking for deviations from an acceptable minimum standard. Audits can determine if new devices were deployed with improper configurations or inadequate security software installed.

A penetration (pen) test is a much more rigorous endeavor, actively seeking to breach a firm’s defenses by finding holes to gain unauthorized access to data resources. No potential attack vector is off limits to a proper pen test, including socially engineered spear-phishing attempts.

To learn more about security measures financial services firms can implement in order to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks, you can fill out the form below or click here.

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