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Right Sizing Your Solution and Your Partner

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Stepping Up To The Plate

To me, one of the most exciting and most frustrating things to do is to find a new solution for a need at your employer.  Your job is to make a decision with the best information available to you.  Then implement that decision successfully.

If everything works out smoothly, you get a few high fives and move to your next project with no fuss.  But if the information you got was wrong.  And you make a bad decision because of it.  The implementation is going to be bad and everyone will remember it.  Not only that, they’ll remember your connection to that disaster and make it a lot tougher for you when you need to change something next time.

Trusted Advisor

When a client comes to us for a solution, I appreciate the fact that at Perficient we’re vendor-agnostic in our approach.  We don’t force a client down a path that would not work for them.  We help guide them to the best solution because we know it is our reputation on the line.  So if you’re looking for the best solution, partnering with a company that has experience in this field is priceless.

You’ve Picked Your Horse

But say you know what you want and you reach out to a vendor directly.  For me, I specialize in Domo so we’ll talk to companies that have already decided on Domo as their future Business Intelligence solution.  But they are not Domo experts but need to turn around a quick ROI.  They may look on Domo’s site for partners or they do their own research and they find us, Perficient.

Why Perficient?

One of the first concerns people have about Perficient with Domo goes something like this “Perficient is a very large company and we’re just an SMB, will we fall through the cracks at Perficient?”  To put your mind at ease, we work with companies of all sizes.  We have local offices in 22 cities across the county as well as a team that works nationally to help ensure client success in various verticals and technologies.   Each client has multiple people that are looking over the account so there are many “fail-safes” in place to prevent anyone from ever being overlooked.

Another question we get is “we see that Domo is an emerging partner with Perficient, what does that mean?”  The partnership type depends on multiple factors, but each partnership is important to Perficient.  The details of why a partner goes where is out of my scope, but I know that Perficient takes each partnership very seriously.  Keep in mind, our reputation is on the line.  So we strive to ensure that we’re focused on delivering exceptional results to all of our clients regardless of the partnership.

That same person may wonder how much talent Perficient brings to the table with an “emerging partnership”.  We have a team of BI experts in various technologies with many years of experience. Answering the important business questions and then putting those answers technically into place is second nature to us.  I personally have been working with Domo since 2015 and have implemented the solution various times as a partner and starting up a BI department for a company as an employee.  And now I’m helping clients achieve very quick ROI on Domo through Perficient.

What are some ways our experts can help you with Domo?

  1. Implementation – We can help ensure that you focus on the best strategy for quick wins to get you familiar with Domo and start gaining traction in your company for great buy-in from employees.
  2. Performance – Domo has some amazing capabilities, but if you did a DIY job on your implementation to save a few bucks, you may be missing out on all the performance enhancements available to you.
    1. One of the most common things we see here is that your Major Domo was big on SQL and wrote all the transforms in SQL. Due to the fact they were busy doing 1000 other things, those transforms are starting to slow down.  Something we would do here is, of course, ensure the syntax is structured as efficiently as possible, then look at creating some possible indexes, and if those don’t look good a re-write in Magic ETL may be the next course of action. (Magic ETL is Domo’s ETL tool).
  3. Strategy – Regardless of where you are on your Domo roadmap, Perficient has a team of experts that can guide you to strategically align your BI strategy with your business.  Maybe you’d like to monetize your data visualizations, maybe you need to present more impactful visualizations for your team, regardless of your need, we can help.

Keep in mind we’re not limited to just those areas.  If you need help setting up SSO, making difficult connections to data, or need help with very complex ETL work….we’re here.

Hot Seat?

So, if you’re sitting on the hot seat to find a new BI solution for your company, or you want to make sure you are getting everything out of your current Domo instance, reach out to me and let me know.

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