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User Adoption is the Key to Unlocking the Business Value of O365

Business Value of Office 365

Previously, I discussed the business value of Microsoft Office 365 (O365). In this blog, I breakdown the key to unlocking the business value.

Business value is, for the most part, untapped or “locked” because behavior change is typically left to chance. Furthermore, O365 ROI models typically have a three-year projection. However, by specifically focusing on business value, adoption metrics, and behavioral levers, adoption can be greatly accelerated. The key to acceleration is to provide dedicated resources to measure adoption and implement behavioral changes required to impact business value.

Fundamentally, unlocking the sustained and transformative business value of O365 requires users to adopt the various O365 applications. Employees must change some of their behavior and do things differently on a recurring basis. To truly achieve high levels of adoption, behavior change needs to be actively managed (i.e., via a change management program). Adoption cannot be left to chance, nor “hoped for” as users are exposed to the technology over time.

When users embrace and adopt new technologies, then the benefits (business value) of the technology will be realized. Therefore, the business value (ROI) is directly proportional to adoption.

So how does an organization increase and accelerate adoption? A concerted organizational change management (OCM) strategy must be employed to help change behavior and increase the chances for adoption. Again, “hope” and “exposure” are not strategies for adoption. There are six steps to unlocking the business value of O365 through adoption acceleration. These steps are not revolutionary, but, if some requirements are met, they will allow organizations to unlock the latent business value of O365.

Business Value of O365

To learn more, download this guide here to explore the six steps required to begin unlocking the true value of O365, or you can submit the form below.

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