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Are You Mistaking Speed For Urgency in Your Attribution Strategy?

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This is the third post in a 5-part series on hidden attribution flaws marketers should watch out for in their marketing strategy. 
As I mentioned in last week’s post on attribution flaws, a recent Perficient Digital survey of B2B organizations reported 92% of marketing leaders state that proving the impact of marketing campaigns is a growing priority for their company. 
This week’s hidden attribution flaw to keep an eye out for is mistaking speed for urgency. Companies that move too fast toward attribution strategies may lack key insight and sales input.
Here are four signs that point to this hidden flaw:

  • High lead generation volume with low MQL volume – Your marketing automation platform is bringing in high numbers of net new leads, but many lack the quality needed to be passed onto sales.
  • Focus on irrelevant interactions such as click-rate – A flurry of activities does not necessarily mean quality activities. If you are focusing on low-impact metrics you might be missing insight into where marketing is really driving revenue.
  • Unbalanced sales input –  Martech platforms offer incredible capabilities to reach audiences at scale. However, if marketing and sales aren’t closely aligned on the buyer lifecycle, key insights from your sales team might be missing. 
  • Lack of overall technology process – If the overall strategy wasn’t defined before implementing your martech platforms, a lack of technology process could mean you may have moved too fast without an attribution strategy. 

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