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Trailblazers, Together: Takeaways from #DF19 Opening Keynote

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Dreamforce 2019 is officially underway! It’s always one of the biggest events of the year in San Francisco, packed with energy, innovation, announcements and plenty of parties (not to mention, thousands of people who should have worn more comfortable shoes). 

So what’s all the buzz about anyway?

To kick off this year’s event, Chairman and Co-CEO Marc Benioff emphasized one central theme in his opening keynote: bringing everything – and everyone – together.

It’s no surprise that building relationships and connecting customers with companies is always a big part of the conversation. But the industry giant also revealed an expanded approach to “Customer 360” and data integration, supercharged with new acquisitions, partnerships and technologies with several major companies.

It’s a rather shrewd, innovative approach. After all, if you’re like most businesses, you probably use several other tools in addition to Salesforce and would love to put all the best features together. So what does this mean to you?

Dreamforce Announcements: Day 1
Here’s a closer look at some of today’s biggest news and takeaways:

#1: Customer 360 Truth
Most of us are familiar with Customer 360, Salesforce’s integrated CRM platform. It’s built to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer across every app and every role, including sales, service, marketing and commerce.

Now Salesforce is taking it further with the introduction of Customer 360 Truth, bundling together even more features to help companies unify data across all touchpoints. The intent is clear: creating a single source of truth. But it’s also about building deeper trust through connected customer data, identity authentication, privacy governance, audience segmentation, and more personalized experiences.

See the featured capabilities here

#2: Stronger Data, Stronger Partnerships
Today Benioff also showcased the company’s latest product developments in AI and machine learning. (Stay tuned for Einstein Voice Skills and Call Coaching in 2020!) But above all, he reinforced the company’s focus on building relationships, not boundaries, through new partnerships and offerings.

Some of the biggest include:

  • Tableau
    Onstage Adam Selipsky, the CEO of Tableau, said his company’s mission has always been the same: “We help people see and understand data. That’s it.” That’s a pretty modest description, since Tableau is one of the top analytics platforms on the market – and it was acquired earlier this year by Salesforce for $15.7 billion.With the addition of Tableau, Salesforce expands its analytics offerings, which already included Einstein Analytics and Datorama. The goal: make data more accessible for everyone, everywhere.
  • MuleSoft
    Creating connected experiences is the new standard, and MuleSoft (acquired by Salesforce last year) is leading the way when it comes to helping companies quickly integrate systems. We can’t wait to see what’s in store with Wednesday’s Integration Keynote: Unleash the Power of Salesforce Customer 360 with APIs.
  • Apple Apps
    Salesforce announced Trailhead GO, the first mobile app for Trailhead, designed to empower everyone to scale up for the future. Exclusive to iOS and iPadOS, it allows users to learn on the go with more than 700 modules for business and tech skills. You can download it right here.
  • Expansion with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Salesforce and Amazon are expanding their global partnership to support faster customer service with Service Cloud Voice, bringing together Trailhead and AWS, and integrating Einstein Voice Skills with Amazon Alexa in the future.
  • Expansion with Microsoft
    And as you may have seen in the headlines this week, Salesforce will move its Marketing Cloud to run on Azure to unlock new growth opportunities for customers. The company also intends to build new integrations that connect Sales Cloud and Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams.

Find Out More This Week
Want to know more or join the fun? Check out these handy links to watch the livestream video throughout the conference and dive deeper into the latest news:

Watch the live broadcast
See more announcements

P.S. We have a whole team of experts from Perficient at Dreamforce this week, so reach out if you’d like to grab a cup of coffee and connect in San Francisco. We’d love to see you there! 

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