The Teams Team is Listening…Your Requests Were Demoed at MSIgnite
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The Teams Team is Listening…Your Requests Were Demoed at MSIgnite

You may not have realized it, but the Teams team at Microsoft has been working furiously to deliver some of the most highly requested features. Some upcoming features were announced at MSIgnite, and these are game changers. 

Microsoft Teams Chat Pop Outs

Teams Chat Pop Outs

Now you can chat with multiple different people while you are still working on your document without multiple screens.  This was in the top requested features on user voice. 

Not only chats, but even the video can now be in one area, while you can still access your content in Teams.  If you’re like me, you’ve ended a few calls by trying to pull up a document in another tenant and killed your connection by accident.  Now Teams content no longer has to be all tied in with the meeting. 


Video Improvements

Microsoft Teams Video

The video itself can be resized and you can continue to work in teams such as viewing your calendar.

Your ability to change the background in video chats can REALLY help when working remotely.  Instead of just a blur which was cool.  You can now add yourself to a conference room or a pristine office environment or play around by making it seem like you’re on an island.  This helps with company culture, this helps with encouraging people to do video even though they may be at an airport, kiosk, or in an unfamiliar environment where who knows when a child or puppy could popup such as in a home office environment.

Microsoft Teams Video Background

Not only that but being able to have simultaneous subtitles displaying while you’re talking to someone can make it much easier for those working not in their first language, but also due to a noisy environment.  There were some amazing features for cleaning up videos and audio that were demoed at Ignite as well.

Interoperability with WebEx and Zoom

Microsoft understands that meetings aren’t heterogeneous.  WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft have come together to provide interoperability to their web experiences.

Microsoft Teams Webex Zoom

Your meetings may be in Teams, Zoom, or WebEx and now your conference rooms should have a much easier time being able to support the video, screen sharing, the calling and dial in experience.  This is HUGE.


Managed Meeting Rooms

Microsoft Teams Managed Meeting Rooms

Microsoft has provided manageability features for being able to monitor the health of conference rooms and is even rolling out a service to help with meetings and conference room support.


Thinking about how Teams can Change your organization?

Check out our Build Your Modern Workplace Hub with Microsoft Teams Webinar taking place December 5th, here’s a link to register today. We’ll also be hosting Teams and Adoption Change Management Summits in Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas and Silicon Valley beginning in January 2020. Details coming soon!



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