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Navigating FCCS Intricacies for a Smooth Deployment Part 2

In the previous post, I began listing topics for consideration when building a FCC application.  I will continue the discussion on how to remain connected to the FCC community.

FCC Forum and Oracle Cloud Readiness

Knowing where to find information or how to reach out to fellow peers is the first step.  Oracle has an extensive software offering and locating the right content can be tricky.  The difficulty is compounded when Oracle changes their website navigation paths.  The FCC Forum and Oracle Cloud Readiness are two great links for connecting to the FCC community and learning updates to the system.

Following the FCC Forum and becoming part of the FCC community connects you to fellow peers.  The FCC Forum provides a repository where peers assist each other in navigating the system and find solutions.  Sign up for a free Oracle account to share ideas and respond to fellow peer questions.

Click here to connect to the FCC Forum and community.

The FCC forum also encourages suggestions for system improvements through the “Idea Lab”.  The “Idea Lab” replaces enhancement requests through an Oracle SR ticket.  The Idea Lab is a community forum where the FCC community submits ideas for application improvements.  Once an idea is submitted the community votes.  Based on the votes Oracle Product Development reviews the ideas to determine what improvements to make to the application.  Click here and log in to submit your FCC idea.

Each month on the first Friday, updates to TEST pods are deployed followed by updates to PROD pods on the third Friday.  Companies are responsible to read the Cloud Readiness documentation to determine if any of the updates in TEST have an adverse impact to their application.  Any updates that may cause an issue to an application require an SR ticket submission to have Oracle review.

Oracle - Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud
Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud

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Note that beginning in August 2019, Oracle categorizes each cloud application within the full EPM offering.  Previously, each product had its own readiness page.  Financial Consolidation and Close, Planning, Account Reconciliation, and Data Management all had an individual readiness pages with updates.  Oracle is no longer separating the readiness pages by application.

Click here to read the Cloud Readiness for January to July 2019 updates.  Click here to read the Cloud Readiness updates beginning in August 2019.

Better yet, Oracle maintains the links within FCC directly.  Log into FCC and pull down the menu next to User ID (see red box in the picture below).  The menu provides a link directly to Cloud Customer Connect (see blue highlighted).   Also included in the drop down menu is the link to the readiness updates as part of “about” (see blue highlighted).  Click on “about” and navigate to “version” (see second screen shot) to the hyperlink to “Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Release Readiness.”

The new readiness page has all EPM product updates.  So, scroll through the list to locate the updates to FCC specifically.  Be sure to review any other relevant topics such as EPM Automate, Financial Reporting or Data Management.

Oracle also provides extensive documentation and videos for FCC.  The videos are excellent reviews of many features of the application and typically run about 5 minutes.  Click here to access all the great content provided by Oracle for FCC.

Part 3 will continue the discussion regarding FCC dimensionality.


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