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[GUIDE] Improve Consumer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Improving consumer engagement is top goal for most enterprises today. Yet, it is not an easy task. From juggling the demands of traditional consumer outreach and marketing to exploring ways to educate consumers about your organization, the landscape can be rugged with no clear path to success.

Further complicating matters, consumers today expect you to know them and offer personalized communications; to deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time. For your organization to stand out, you need new strategies and to leverage innovative tools that will enable you to provide a superior consumer experience.

Customer Relationship Management and Personalized Engagement by the Numbers

Not surprisingly, there has been an explosion of customer relationship management (CRM) technologies. According to Grand View Research, Inc, the global CRM market is expected to reach $81.9 billion by 2025. Enter Microsoft’s CRM platform, Dynamics 365 Marketing. Dynamics 365 weaves together data and relationship building to deliver intelligent consumer engagement and communications that are proactive, predictive, and personal.

One important aspect of personalized engagement involves a robust email and text marketing strategy. Email and SMS continue to be important tools marketers use to communicate with consumers. Email and SMS allow you to reach consumers at scale, easily share important announcements and content, and communicate and educate your consumers about the unique value of your organization. When done properly, email and SMS can also offer personalized, one-on-one communication that your consumers will value.

And by value, we mean increased engagement. One study found that segmented, personalized, automated email and SMS messages average 46% higher open rates and 112% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages.2

Many organizations struggle and lack basic email tools and templates that can minimize the effort required for an email marketing campaign. Even more are slower to adopt newer innovations such as marketing automation, which offers tremendous benefits including audience segmentation, A/B testing of messaging, and campaign management tools such as email performance metrics.

To learn how you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to engage your consumers via email or SMS, improve engagement, and driving higher ROI, you can download our guide here.


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Brad Beumer, Director, Microsoft Dynamics 365

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