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S is for Segmentation

S Is For Segmentation

Synonyms: grouping, categorization, split

From a definition standpoint, when we talk about segmentation (more specifically user/audience segmentation) we are talking about the act of dividing users into groups based on shard behaviors or interests. Segments can be created based off an infinite number of criteria items, but overall aim to group users based on specific characteristics.

Why do we care about segmentation?

The main reason we care about segmentation as digital marketers is because the better we are at segmenting users, the more personalized we can make our outreach to prospects and customers.

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In addition to driving more tailored communications to users, another big reason to build user segments is to make your data more actionable. Analytics can teach you a lot about your users, but bulk data only provides so much information. Creating user segments and applying those segments to data will help make your data more actionable.

How do we get started with segmentation?

Similar to a lot of other topics in this series, the key to starting user segmentation is to access your data and get a view of all your users. This will give you a good grasp on your entire audience and allow you to look at common demographics, firmographics or behaviors that may inform segmentation strategies.

From there, it is important to identify and align on segments based on business priorities, gather baseline data on your segments and determine how you want to capitalize on these new segments you have at your fingertips.

If you want to chat more about segmentation strategies or how to get started with creating user segments, fill out the contact form or HMU on twitter @jgrozalsky.

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Jill Grozalsky

Jill Grozalsky is an award-winning digital marketer and expert in personalization, user segmentation, testing, and comprehensive marketing strategies. Jill helps her clients deliver the best customer experience possible. She helps clients develop digital roadmaps and marketing programs aimed at achieving near-term results and long-term growth from digital assets. In addition, Jill works with clients to develop data-driven segmentation strategies across technologies to help drive personalized engagement while building brand loyalty.

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