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How Financial Services Companies Create Unique Buyer Experiences with Marketo Engage

Financial services companies are focusing more closely than ever on creating unique buyer experiences with the help of marketing automation platforms like Marketo Engage. The end result is these companies are delighting their buyers and driving more revenue. Today we’re going to look at a few ways financial services companies can create unique buyer experiences with Marketo Engage.

Targeted Email Funnels For Unique Buyer Needs, At Every Stage

Early in the process, potential buyers indicate what problem they are trying to solve. Let’s say a buyer wants to open a retirement account but is not sure what kind of account they need. They may fill out a website form or download a guide that explains what questions to ask before opening a retirement account. Companies using Marketo Engage can tag this buyer to the product they are interested in, a retirement account in this case, and place the buyer into a personalized email nurture, or email funnel. 
In this example, the buyer would enter the email funnel in the early stage, which answers the specific questions a buyer has at the beginning of their journey. The buyer receives targeted emails in a set sequence, that deliver the exact information they need to choose a retirement account based on their unique needs.

Personalized Retargeting for Interested Buyers

A potential buyer of a retirement account will likely do a fair amount of research before reaching out to a salesperson. Building on the email funnel example above, the company can use Marketo Engage to retarget the buyer in other applications, like social media, to bring them back to the website and continue their journey. 
Marketo Ad Bridge, a functionality that lives both within Marketo and the connected application, can retarget the buyer on LinkedIn, Google or Facebook. In this example, a day after the buyer downloads the guide about retirement accounts, they see an ad on Facebook offering a free session with a financial planner to help pick the right retirement account.

Fast Marketing-to-Sales Alignment for Converting Sales-Ready Buyers

Let’s suppose the buyer above clicked the Facebook ad and scheduled a time to meet with a financial planner. Marketo Engage has been tracking and scoring each interaction the buyer has been taking along the way. When the buyer completes a high-value interaction, like booking an appointment, Marketo Engage alerts sales immediately so they can talk to the buyer. 
If the company has a lifecycle model in place, Marketo Engage can automatically move the buyer to the next stage. In this case, it would be a sales-qualified lead stage. If Marketo Engage is integrated with the CRM, it will send the scoring and engagement history to the CRM, showing the salesperson which pieces of content the buyer is engaging with. When the salesperson speaks to the buyer, they know what content the buyer has already seen and can offer them supporting information to help complete the purchase.

Measurable Insights For Proving Impact to Revenue

Financial companies using marketing automation platforms like Marketo Engage not only provide personalized buyer journeys but with proper configuration, can connect each buyer interaction to pipeline and revenue. This is valuable insight for financial companies. Firms that choose to be innovators with marketing automation have the opportunity to achieve higher engagement and conversion rates than their competition. Talk to us today to learn more about winning with marketing automation. 

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