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IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite: A Win for Global Supply Chains

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IBM recently announced its IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite. While the announcement encompasses its supply chain offerings, supply chain business, and supply chain brand, the underlying theme embraces the vision of the future – one based on an open, integrated supply chain platform. Reading into the announcement, IBM is further establishing the fundamental definition of clients’ next-generation supply chains – they’re intelligent, self-correcting supply chains that drive customer engagement, growth, and profit.
As IBM states:

“…the challenge for our clients has always been to find the best, most innovative ways to remove friction and root out inefficiencies throughout their end-to-end processes. IBM’s Supply Chain offerings enable customer’s differentiation and competitive advantage.”

IBM is doubling down on supply chain and showing its commitment to and investment in the marketplace of increasingly complex and diverse supply chains around the world.

What does this mean for IBM clients?

Both across their own enterprise and together with their network of supply chain partners, clients can move past the days of isolated “point solutions” and closed systems, which are available elsewhere in this marketplace.
Watch how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite provides opportunities for customer engagement, growth, and profit.

What’s Next?

As IBM’s Partner of the Year for the past two years, we’re excited about this move and IBM’s commitment to the supply chain market. Likewise, we are committed to delivering innovative order management solutions for our clients.
To see how we work together with IBM to help clients create the “perfect order,” download our guide: Deliver Intelligent Fulfillment and Exceed Buyer Expectations with IBM OMS
To get your order management maturity level, and actionable recommendations on how you can improve, take our OM IQ assessment.

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