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Microsoft Teams and SharePoint: “Teamify” Answers Office 365 Confusion

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Microsoft Teams is hot. It increases collaboration and helps simplify the UX. It’s also the answer to many of your adoption and usage issues. Adoption change management is critical to your productivity success and for any Office 365 and Microsoft Teams deployment.

Teams and SharePoint are better together. When create a Team for your existing SharePoint Sites, we call this “Teamify.” It makes sense to Teamify most of your SharePoint and collaboration sites.





5 Benefits to Teamify Your Office 365 Environment

  • Increased Sharing and Awareness – After you upload a document you want to let users know you’ve uploaded it so they know it’s complete. Using a Team connected to your SharePoint site can streamline notifications and increase sharing with groups and team members. Promote feedback and interaction through @ mentions and automatically letting team members know in the Team activity feed.


  • Reduced “When to Use What” Confusion of SharePoint & OneDrive –When do you use OneDrive and when should you use SharePoint? That’s not a question for Teams users. Teams will help you automate usage of the right services. Teams supports automatic usage of the right technology by default.  When chatting 1:1 with another user Teams will automatically share the file using OneDrive.  When sharing a file to the Team channel it will share the file automatically to the Shared Documents in a folder that matches the name of the channel.  Hence using Teams you’re getting an easy to use information architecture structure.  As an Administrator you can allow users to connect to Box or Dropbox or Google Drive in addition to the default usage of SharePoint.


  • Simplified User Experience – Microsoft Teams is one of those technologies where the UI is quite intuitive. Let’s compare getting to a site vs. going to a channel. In a browser you have to type a long URL in a browser or type in then go to SharePoint home and if you’ve followed the site, you can then find it there and click on it. In Teams you simply login to Teams haven’t and click on the channel.  Uploading files is also a lot easier.  Just click the paper clip or go to the files tab to upload multiple files at once.  There are many more examples.


  • Integrated Realtime and Near Realtime Collaboration – The ability to keep chat and messages a in the same location as the content provides context. With sending an email with links, users often don’t have access or face challenges with permissions. With Teams when you share a file with your team, you can @mention the person providing context along with automatic storage of the file in the appropriate place. Context is very helpful.


  • Consolidated “One Place” Workplace Hub – The Teams experience promises a single interface for your business applications, your communication, and your meetings. Today people live in the browser and email. This modern workspace revolution is poised to make that more focused experience by carving out both browser and email time for modern workplace in Teams where your activities are consolidated into teams and channels.


Teamify Your Office 365 Environment

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing enterprise software product on the planet. Looking for top considerations and best practices for utilizing Teams? Join us in Irvine as we partner with Microsoft to deliver a Teams focused workshop. Topics include:

  • Developing Your Intelligent Workplace Vision and Strategy
  • How to Plan and Migrate Your Skype for Business to Teams
  • Microsoft IT’s Successful Migration of 200,000 Users to Teams
  • Measuring Adoption and Driving Success in Teams (PowerBI & tyGraph)
  • Teams Adoption Change Management & How Partnering with Perficient Creates Success

Where: Irvine Microsoft Technology Center – Microsoft Offices

When: Wednesday, October 23 9:00am-4:00pm

This workshop is filling up quickly. Reserve your seat today!


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