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Reducing App Development Build Time by 75% with Cloud

The following is the fifth blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance.

Thus far in this series, we’ve examined the state of cloud and how cloud enables innovation, including with a case study in cloud automation, with speed and agility. In this blog, we’ll highlight another of our case studies, featuring exponential time savings in development with cloud.

Lack of automation hinders agility

As we highlighted in our last case study, industry leaders face new challenges, competing with startups born in the cloud. These startups aren’t hindered by legacy architecture and are thus able to move quickly immediately. On top of that, many industry leaders have already made the jump to cloud. Those that are yet to modernize are risking being left behind and losing market share to their competitors.

Our client, a leading financial services company, had struggled with a severe lack of agility. Application development teams were spending an average of four weeks waiting on enterprise infrastructure to provision an environment for development. This had a direct impact on the client’s ability to meet regulatory deadlines. As well as that, the slow development time hindered them from transforming to an agile delivery model.

Powering development with cloud

To bring agility to the development team, we automated environment provisioning with Amazon Web Services (AWS) AMI process, leveraging AWS, Chef, and Tomcat. In total, this automated 80% of the environment build process, allowing staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.

As a result of the automation, the client’s reduced their environment build time from four weeks to less than one. Application development team members also saved an average of two hours a week due to the automation eliminating paperwork needed for environment provisioning.

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James is a Senior Marketing Coordinator at Perficient, responsible for cloud transformation marketing. He has been at Perficient since January 2019. James is originally from Australia but now calls St. Louis home.

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