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3 Ways Technology Companies Use Marketo Engage for Marketing-to-Sales Alignment

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Marketing-to-sales alignment is critical for companies looking to increase revenue and shorten buying cycles. Bringing people, processes, and technology together is a large piece of the alignment puzzle. Today I’m going to talk about the technology piece, specifically marketing automation, and how technology companies are using Marketo Engage to help with team alignment. 
Technology companies are known for being innovative, so they are a natural place to look to for examples of how to use technology when it comes to marketing-to-sales alignment. Marketing automation platforms like Marketo Engage work with your CRM to facilitate team alignment. 
Here are a few ways technology companies configure Marketo Engage for marketing-to-sales alignment:

They Use Marketo’s Advanced Lead Scoring Capabilities to:

  • Assign lead scores based on persona
  • Score leads based on the topics they engage with
  • Boost scores for active prospects engaging with a high amount of content in the past few days or weeks

They Use Sales Notification Features to Alert Sales of Sales-ready Prospects by:

  • Sending alerts to the sales team when a lead score threshold is met, like a sales-qualified lead or SLA
  • Supporting account-based marketing efforts by sending sales a notification when a prospect from a key account has activity
  • Sending alerts when a lead performs a key behavior, like visiting the pricing page on the website

They Configure Marketo Sales Insight Inside Salesforce by:

  • Displaying interesting moments on the lead or contact page in Salesforce so sales can view recent activities and understand buying signs
  • Enabling sales to add prospects to marketing campaigns right from Salesforce
  • Publishing emails to Marketo Sales Insight from Marketo

Configuring your marketing automation platform goes far beyond this quick list of tips. If you have Marketo Engage and want to get more ROI, see how our Marketing Automation IQ for Marketo Engage Jump-start can help. 
See how we helped Construction Specialties drove a 400% increase in qualified leads to sales with marketing-to-sales alignment.

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