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The 411 on the Red Hat Learning Subscription

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In order to effectively adopt new software, you need a knowledgeable team and a learning solution that is quick and prescriptive. The Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) provides a deep dive into Red Hat technologies that can help make your organization more efficient.  

Investing in additional training for your team will allow you to better address business-critical needs and adapt to ongoing digital initiatives. According to a 2018 IDC study, companies with Red Hat-certified IT staff achieve stronger returns on investment, with 54% faster outage resolution and 34% less time spent on operational tasks.

The RHLS is available on a free, seven-day trial that gives you access to Red Hat training courses where your teams can test their skills in a lab environment and preview early access releases. The trial will give you self-service access to the entire Red Hat training portfolio, as well as other valuable learning tools.  

The RHLS trial is designed to give users an idea of what to expect from the full subscription and the topics in the Red Hat catalog. The trial includes access to:  

  • The first chapter from 50+ courses
  • The first chapter of each early-access course 
  • The first chapter of each video course 
  • One hour of hands-on, cloud-based lab time 
  • A preview of reporting functionality  
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Investing in the full Red Hat Learning Subscription 

After testing out the RHLS, you can sign up for the full subscription and have access to Red Hat’s training portfolio for 365 days. The full subscription features 18 different learning pathways to walk you through skills development or toward certification. Additional features include: 

  • Five certification exam vouchers that can be used at various locations across the country 
  • Two unique retake exams 
  • Early access to course chapters and lab environments that are still under development 
  • Video seminars from Red Hat thought leaders 
  • Downloadable course e-books 
  • Scheduled, live, online instructor office hours for all courses 

The full RHLS has three tiers to choose from – standard, basic, and developer – that are available for the individual or enterprise.  

Standard ($7,000 per subscription): 

  • Access to all courses and early access courses 
  • 400 hours of lab time 
  • 10 e-book downloads 
  • Five certification exams with two retakes 
  • Expert seminars, learning paths, and instructor office hours 

Basic ($5,500 per subscription): 

  • Access to all courses and early access courses 
  • 400 hours of lab time 
  • 10 e-book downloads 

Developer ($4,000 per subscription): 

  • Access to all OpenShift and JBoss Developer courses (12+ titles) 
  • 100 hours of lab time 
  • 10 e-book downloads 
  • Three developer certification exam attempts, including retakes 

Are you interested in trying out RHLS? Download the seven-day free trial here. 

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