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What’s New in the ServiceNow ‘New York’ Version

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ServiceNow offers cloud based platform that delivers digital workflows. Using ServiceNow, the employees and customers can make quicker, smarter decisions and they are empowered to collaborate in a more productive and agile way.

ServiceNow recently released a new version called ‘New York’.  Ever wondered , why this name? Below is quick insight on ServiceNow version naming history.

  • Till 2011, ServiceNow version named after seasons (month in which they are released).
  • After 2011, ServiceNow has new naming approach based on a city, and following an alphabetical order.
  • Previous version was named Madrid (Jan 2019) and hence the latest released version (July 2019) starts with N i.e. New York.

Following is the quick summary of the new features in the ServiceNow ‘New York’




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