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Digital Transformation

3 Digital Transformation Strategies to Watch in the Healthcare Industry

Rising consumer expectations impact all industries. This has been especially true in the healthcare industry. As Perficient’s Chief Strategist aligned to Healthcare, I’ve seen how digital transformation has pushed the boundaries of traditional industry models with the goals of:

  • driving affordable care
  • providing better access
  • delivering personalized experiences
  • improving clinical quality and health outcomes
  • meeting the patient/member where they are
  • innovating new products and channels to serve them

By 2022, we predict that 25 percent of healthcare consumer interactions will happen digitally and outside of traditional care settings. The remaining 75 percent will gravitate to digitally coordinated, real-time health systems.

Digital health is at the heart of every major strategic imperative facing healthcare. The industry will transform to meet evolving consumer expectations, which are influenced by experiences outside of the industry. The response is one for all industries to watch and learn from.

3 Ways to Respond to Rising Consumer Demands: 

1. Break Down Silos

Employee engagement and organizational change management are critical to the digital transformation journey. These aspects reduce the risks associated with the rate of change. Breaking down the silos within your organization is the secret to success. One catalyst to support this change is the chief digital officer (CDO). In the healthcare arena, CDOs are aware that enhancing engagement and improving care delivery is possible through a sustainable, flexible technology portfolio. It must be integrated and innovative while enabling visibility across discrete, daily interactions with patients and members. CDOs recognize the importance of changing culture, governance, priorities, and focus to meet consumer expectations and needs. They understand it takes this and more to deliver on the promise of digital health.

2. Meet Consumers Where They Are

The healthcare industry is navigating uncharted waters. Change is partially driven by the quest for value-based care and by consumerism. The industry as a whole is grappling with consumer expectations shaped by experiences occurring outside of healthcare, and there is significant catch-up to be done compared to other industries. Factors such as regulatory reform, increased competition, and market conversions all pose opportunities and challenges to digital transformation. Digital health is coming of age, bringing new capabilities for interactions and care delivery for consumers, patients, members and the ecosystem that supports them.

3. Institute an Actionable Strategy

Strategy is important because it creates the framework to take action and make change. It also provides the tactical ability to act on the strategy and measure results. In today’s healthcare market, strategy must evolve to remain competitive. Important questions to consider::

  • Where are we now?
  • Where are we going?
  • How will we get there?

Focus on the goals, benefits, and value to prioritize an actionable strategy. Then, bring your organization along. Ensure stakeholder input, buy-in, and execution of a measurable roadmap.

Want More Digital Transformation Advice?

The digital transformation strategies I share in this blog post draw from Perficient’s e-book, “How to Make Digital Transformation Gains in 2019.” In it, my fellow Perficient Chief Strategists and I share real-world examples from conversations with today’s leading brands at various stages of digital transformation. Our 10-chapter e-book features our business insights, actions to take now, and client success stories. Download it here or via the form below.

Next in the Series

This blog series is part of a special series inspired by our e-book. In the next post, Perficient Chief Strategist Allison Fries will share go-to-marketing insights.

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About the Author

Juliet Silver leads the Health Sciences Strategy practice for Perficient and provides thought leadership on developing and implementing delivery frameworks for our clients. She provided advisory services to Northwestern Medicine that enable its Value Based Care program. Juliet also supported our IBM Watson team as a Healthcare Advisor to BayCare Health System, which allowed the client leverage AI to improve care for high-risk patients.

Connect with Juliet Silver on LinkedIn.

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Juliet Silver, General Manager, Corporate Operations, EMEA

Juliet has over 20 years of executive leadership in management consulting, IT, finance, and operations. She provides thought leadership backed by extensive experience in all strategy phases, including initial business visioning, strategy and roadmaps, ROI justification, and program execution. She leverages her cross-industry experience and management consulting and technology experience to support European clients in realizing their vision.

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