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Take Our Survey to Learn About the State of App Modernization

The rise of startups that are born in the cloud is a common challenge for established industry leaders. With their ability to reach their market quickly, these startups are rapidly eating away at the longer-standing players with a mix of infrastructure. Increasingly, these leaders turning to cloud and app modernization to match the capabilities of cloud-native startups and retain their spot at the top of their industry.

The reasons for modernization are plentiful:

  • By modernizing your applications and application lifecycle, you’re able to exponentially speed up development and deployment of new apps.
  • By breaking down complex monolithic applications, it becomes much simpler to maintain and update your applications.
  • Modern applications are able to scale to meet demand. This can result in cost savings as you don’t have to pay for capacity that you don’t require.

We see these benefits in our work every day and have assisted countless clients with their app modernization efforts. We would now like to learn more about where people are at in their application modernization journey, how they are choosing to modernize their applications, and what their goals and worries are – while also helping others learn about this important process, too.

By taking the survey below, you will have access to the results report that details the following:

  • Where businesses are in their app modernization journey
  • The considerations for selecting a platform
  • Whether businesses are leveraging containers
  • The challenges of the app modernization journey
  • The main goal businesses are seeking by modernizing

Follow this link to take the survey and share your experiences to gain access to this report.

Learn more about app modernization

For more on app modernization, read our blog series and follow this link to our guide, Unlock Your Potential with Application Modernization, or fill out the form below. You can also keep watching our blog, where we continue to post about modernization and all things digital transformation.

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James is a Senior Marketing Coordinator at Perficient, responsible for cloud transformation marketing. He has been at Perficient since January 2019. James is originally from Australia but now calls St. Louis home.

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