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Why Healthcare is Moving to Cloud: Enhanced Consumer Experiences

The following is the fourth blog in a series about why healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud.

In this series so far, we have looked at how the cloud brings robust data security, the time and cost savings the cloud brings, and the ways cloud connects data for healthcare organizations. In this blog, we will examine how cloud can improves the consumer experience.

Cloud enables an enhanced consumer experience

Healthcare organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud because of the improvements it brings to the patient experience. As discussed earlier, cloud brings data together on the back end. This can be crucial for the consumer, because not only do they have improved access to their information, but so does everyone who requires it.

More and more, patients expect and demand instant, online access to their health records, and grow impatient with repeatedly providing current and vital details to various healthcare professionals. These details could – and should – be obtained by referencing a unified health data file.

In many cases, healthcare organizations face the challenge of keeping pace with online consumer experiences. The bar set by Amazon, Google, and other large online content and service providers applies to all industries – including healthcare. Not all healthcare companies can match the budgets of Microsoft or Apple, but consumers don’t consider that. They want their online experience making an appointment with their doctor to be as easy as buying a pair of shoes online, and they want the ability to do it whenever and wherever they want.

Fortunately, many cloud-based applications provide a head start for most standard healthcare use scenarios. A template or proof of concept is often already available from cloud-based solution providers. And in some cases, a cloud-based solution is the only option available. A case in point is the large AI-powered search solution company Coveo, which stopped offering custom search tools hosted on customers’ on-premises data centers. Their core requirement of “cloud only” is becoming the norm across the industry.

Finally, cloud offers an ideal, flexible foundation for future expansion. The cloud is not a place, but instead a collection of tools to modernize business processes and enable transformation. Data transfer technologies such as APIs can be easily integrated with most cloud-based solutions. These tools, in turn, improve patient-facing interactions on websites and other digital platforms, providing a smoother, modern experience to the user.

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