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Tackle Security Concerns for Application Modernization

Security Concerns

In our previous post, Create Your Transformation Roadmap for Application Modernization, we offered guidance to prepare your organization for successful cloud adoption. Part 2 of this series addresses some of the security concerns you may stumble upon in your cloud journey. We also share some best practices for infusing security across your organization.

Questions about cloud security have been a major stumbling block in recent years. The biggest concerns include:

  • Providing IT resilience (e.g., backup, disaster recovery, high availability, and continuity planning) to protect data and ensure continued business operations in the event of a disruption
  • Securing the environment from external threats and preventing any unplanned data exposure
  • Understanding the cloud responsibility model and accounting for all IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS security considerations with your cloud provider and between application owners and platform operations teams
  • Establishing structured identity and role access that limits exposure of all resources to only appropriately privileged resources

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Shift in perspective about cloud and security

Despite these overarching concerns, security teams are significantly more receptive to cloud solutions. “Skepticism about cloud as a viable option has diminished. These teams now believe that cloud is largely more secure than on-premises data centers,” said Mike Porter, CRM and Data Chief Strategist. “Vendors have large teams dedicated to security. The ability to improve upon and offer additional security services is vital for these vendors’ success.”

Most large cloud vendors and many software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors now let you manage security separate from their infrastructure. However, you also want to protect your organization with built-in quality governance and security policies as cloud adoption scales and decentralizes. Security and compliance are byproducts of proper governance policies.

Your IT organization can also prioritize security by incorporating security best practices for application development/delivery and DevOps pipelines.

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