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Invoice formats- Oracle Projects Considerations Part 7

What is a Project Billing Invoice Format?

The Oracle projects billing invoice formats determine how invoice lines can be displayed on invoices. Implementers define the width of columns and different data types to appear. Invoice formats also allow free-form text. These details are used in Receivables for invoice accounting and presentment to the customer.

Are there different Oracle projects billing invoice format types?

Yes! Oracle projects billing invoice formats provide types for both Customer and Intercompany (internal) purposes. Users can have multiple formats for each of these.

Questions and Considerations

Ask yourself, “Are there multiple invoice formats?”, “Will we produce invoices on pre-printed stock or by some other package, provider, or custom solution?”

Answer the above prior to configuration. These responses are important so you include data required by the product producing the invoice. When considering the presentment details customization can play into this equation. For instance, invoice presentment could involve code, or queries, to pull in details not included in the project billing invoice format.

Understanding what your invoice format requirements are prior to building them will insure that you have a successful invoice result.

Let us know how we can help you determine your invoices formats!




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