Project Statuses-Oracle Projects Considerations Part 8

What Are Project Statuses?

Statuses can control the “life-cycles” of projects, project resource requirements, and people. New statuses can be created for the above objects.

Out of the Box Project Statuses

Project Statuses include predefined statuses for the following objects:

  • Projects – a project’s current state, for example Open, Closed, or Approved
  • Requirements – The state of the requirement in the staffing life cycle. For example Open, Filled, Cancelled
  • Assignments – Current assignment status. For example Provisional, Confirmed, Cancelled
  • Candidates – Indicates a project candidate’s amount of consideration for a proposed project. For example Pending Review, System Nomination, Under Review, Suitable, Declined, Withdrawn,  Assigned
  • Assignment approval – candidate’s current staffing life-cycle state. Working, Submitted, Approved, Canceled, Rejected, Requires Resubmission

Oracle Project Status Questions and Considerations

Will you enable project approval workflow?

  • Workflows can be used to strengthen the effect of project statuses by routing approvals based on status to different groups.
  • The status itself can be used to quickly query or report on projects in an easy to understand manner.

Are the seeded statuses all we need?

  • Seeded statuses are sufficient for most configurations.
  • Additional controls for each status allow them to be dynamic.
  • There are statues for different project life-cycle phases.

Do you require additional statuses other than seeded statuses?

  • Create as many statuses as required.

How can I use statuses for capital project approvals?

  • Absolutely! Statuses are highly useful in controlling and tracking the approval of capital requests (AFE, CER, etc).

Can statuses aid us in gaining sales efficiencies?

  • Again, absolutely! Statuses are leveraged to track the different state of the proposal process.
  • Visibility into the total cost of the sales pursuit.


Project statuses are truly a multi-functional variable that allows for simple control and reporting.

Let us know how we can assist your organization in leveraging your project statuses to their full potential!

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