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Your customer is as unique as your business. As such, curating unique content for each person and each of their preferred experiences can be a real struggle. This is especially true considering the potentially hundreds of digital assets you have to sift through. You need a content management system that is on the same level of genius as your content. 
To keep up with demand, you are likely producing vast quantities of content on your site. Although you produce a large amount of information for the user, your marketing team shouldn’t have to be burdened by making sure that content fits each touchpoint. 
Intelligent delivery tools can help automate the content publication by identifying and automating the formatting of the content to fit different screen sizes or pixel requirements based on the device or channel. This can be done by dynamic or smart tagging. Dynamic tag management simplifies the process of tagging web pages so that you don’t need to rely on IT resources to tag content or make changes to that content. On the other hand, smart tags use image recognition software to automatically create keywords for photographs.

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For companies like Veritas, dynamic tag management provides flexible metadata control and reporting. It’s used to identify content by type, product, solution, industry, and strategic value. Content producers can tag every asset, whether it’s a white paper or a datasheet, and where it’s used in the customer journey.
In the end, as the customer continues to grow and evolve with the continuous and everpresent advances of technology, your content management system needs to grow, evolve, and scale with them. Many of the organizations we work with use Adobe’s hybrid content management system, Adobe Experience Manager, as it provides maximum flexibility to creative professionals, marketers, and IT. Download our free guide to learn how to create fluid experiences for your omnichannel customer. 

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