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Issues – The sleeping dragons?

Black swan’s companion

In any fantasy story, you must have read about the dragons asleep and guarding the treasures. The dragons unknowingly defend the treasures without considering the value of it. You can imagine the massive loss of the treasure if you try to tickle the dragon. A small sneeze from the dragon that cannot be contained, and could set the fire everywhere.

There are millions of sleeping dragons swarming around you and within our systems. The sleeping dragons are black swans’ companions.  You can consider the sleeping dragon as a risk but never tickle it to be an issue.

Don’t wake the sleeping dragons

The issues don’t appear to be sleeping dragons but awaken dragons. Remember, you are supposed to be the risk keeper to handle everything possible that may keep the dragons asleep to shield the treasure. The worry of wakening the dragons wrecks everything. The dragons hatch in the fire.

How to tame the dragons

In every story, there will be a character or two who concentrates the movements and gestures of the dragons. They continuously notice some way out from the observations and historic stories. It will be a risk to move intently and punctiliously round the dragon to study it. A tiny low tickle or error step will cause the disaster of waking the dragon.

It is an adage that a brave man didn’t kill the dragon but rode it.  That doesn’t mean the dragon can be controlled or eliminated easily. To ride on it requires a deep observation and planning to find the weakness and strength movements.  Similarly, you can’t control or eliminate the issue but can ride on them. You need to study the historic past and be prepared for it.

Earthquake, floods, cyclones, tsunami and other natural disasters are also the dragons that have been awakened. They can be extremely violent. Some disasters are the consequences of technological or human hazards that lead to environmental imbalances. There comes a business continuity plan as a contingency plan at the point of time. You can’t control the consequences of any major disaster but you can be prepared for it.

Awaking the dragon happens when the user clicks on a link or opens an attachment in an email with the infected messages. To avoid spreading the virus within the network, the connection can be pulled off. You can’t eliminate the virus, but you can save the network with a bit of awareness. The virus will remain in the system causing damage inside. You can’t eliminate the dragon however you’ll be able to tame the situation to avoid massive damages.

Observe the dragons’ strength

The severity of the event can be estimated based on its seriousness. The probability of occurrence is only 100% certain because it is an event that has occurred. Issues require different responses than a threat. They need corrective actions and resolution steps to control the situation. You can check the below links to learn more about observing the risks:

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