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Alex Harris Checks in with Nasdaq at Opticon19

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Director of Conversion Optimization Alex Harris stopped by Opticon19 last week to meet with other conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts in the industry and learn about the latest Optimizely releases. While there, he sat down with Nasdaq’s Laura Moreno for a quick chat about the event, what we do here at Perficient Digital, and the evolution of website development and conversion optimization.
“The way websites are created today is a lot different than it used to be,” he explained. “You essentially would redesign a website and then replace your existing website – that was kind of the old way of doing it. Today you really need to iterate and change your website strategically to ensure that the changes are actually going to be successful.”
When asked about the event, Alex said that he’s most looking forward to better understanding the new releases and how they can help us bring the most value possible to our clients. Among these are the ability to measure the ROI and success of both campaigns and programs as a whole, as well as new capabilities around customizing data models, adaptive audiences, and adaptive recommendations.
Alex explained that CRO technology has come a long way from where it was when he entered the field 18 years ago.
“We now have better software, better data, and better access to be able to make sure the user sees the right experience based on their own individual preferences,” he said. “It’s great to see how far the technology has come to do experimentation on a much larger level and also to be able to personalize to show [the user] the right experience at the right time, for the right specific need.”
Watch the full interview below.

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