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3 Ways Marketo Engage Helps Healthcare Providers Listen Closely to Patient Interests and Needs

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Marketing automation platforms (MAP) like Marketo Engage help healthcare providers to listen closely to patient interests and needs. Here are three quick ways a MAP like Marketo Engage helps providers get closer to patients:

Marketo Engage Enables Healthcare Providers to Analyze Patient Engagement Across Content Types

This helps providers understand how patients prefer to consume content. For example, your patients are engaging with videos and webinars at high levels, but they aren’t opening the weekly email newsletter. Marketo gives providers that insight so you can shift efforts to creating more of the content medium that patients are engaging with. 

Marketo Engage Tracks Patient Engagement by Individual Campaign

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but it is foundational to track. Let’s suppose your team hosts a monthly webinar educating patients on the latest in women’s health. You usually have around 100 attendees. This month, your webinar educates women on a critical new health screening and your attendance surges to 250. Because you are tracking each campaign’s performance closely in Marketo, you become aware of this spike immediately and can decide on a follow-up plan.

Marketo Engage Measures Trends in Patient Engagement Over Time 

While it is important to know how the latest campaign performed, it is also important to look for and identify patient engagement trends. Has there been a decrease in webinar engagement with patients since the beginning of the year? How are webinars performing this quarter compared to the same quarter a year ago? Monitoring patient engagement trends enables providers to keep an eye on gradual shifts in behaviors.
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