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Building A Strategic Roadmap

Well, maybe not highways, but…roadmaps? They’re similar, right? For as long as I can remember, strategic roadmaps and long-term planning has been an ominous concept. We get so hyper focused on the task or project at-hand, that we don’t even consider what a maturation of a product or program would even look like. 

“Oh no, we’ve got to have that.” STOP. Do you really? Nine out of ten times, the answer is no. Let’s consider:

  1. Do your users really need that? Or did you see that feature on a competitor’s site and now you have to have it? Make sure the experiences or features you’re building serve those that will grow your revenue (your customers), not just satisfy your internal stakeholders, or even yourself.
  2. Is your organization ready for this? You may want to create really robust campaigns or personalize the heck out of an experience, but can you support ongoing and engaging content, follow-through, and customer support (if needed)?
  3. Do you have the right team and staff on-board? And do those folks have the time? If not, factor that into your decision making about the roadmap, but include it in your hiring plans as well. How will your team need to scale to support this program? Do you have the right skills on-board? 
  4. Do you understand where your organization is headed? Technology can do anything, but it should not aimlessly wander. Is augmented reality or machine learning really the next big thing for your business? Or would a stronger, customer engagement and personalized approach to content or journeys be more valuable and yield results faster? 
  5. Lastly and perhaps selfishly asking as a consultant: Do you have the budget for a long-term roadmap? Is the technology you’re considering too complicated? Should you find a short-term stop-gap, while seeking a long-term platform/investment? Or should you pick the right technology now, limit the scope of the up-front projects and grow the investment by expanding the platform capabilities over-time?

All of these questions are relevant for every step in your digital journey. As you review your growth plan and business strategy, keep them in-mind. We do this for our own projects – take-in little bites that lead to a greater whole – whether we’re looking to introduce a new capability or redesign a new experience for own website! Get in touch with us to talk more about it or contact me directly.

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Dave Brown

Dave has spent his career working with mid-size and Enterprise customers across verticals to implement digital solutions that help their businesses thrive. He is passionate about the success of those around him and has grown through his experience leading projects from strategic engagements to digital transformation initiatives across the globe.

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