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Benefits of Mobile Wayfinding in Healthcare

My last blog examined what wayfinding truly is. This blog will highlight the benefits of implementing mobile wayfinding.

mobile wayfindingWith advanced wayfinding options, medical facilities are better positioned to enhance the patient experience, decrease the number of late or missed appointments, reduce patient frustration and anxiety, integrate with appointment scheduling, and reduce staff interruptions from lost patients.

Mobile wayfinding is a powerful tool to help patients and visitors – as well as staff – get where they need to go and find the information they need quickly.

Additional benefits of mobile wayfinding include:

  • Reduce visitor frustration and improve satisfaction
  • Reinforce branding
  • Provide access to online directory information
  • Capture data and analytics to provide insights on visitor flow, navigation, and other calls to action
  • Share emergency notifications
  • Easily update changes to locations
  • Highlight promotions and offers
  • Announce important updates or changes

While static signage and kiosks has been the predominant means of wayfinding in hospital settings, providing consumers a comprehensive location service solution can lead to efficiencies. Examples include:

A wayfinding experience can also support other on-site services to improve efficiency and enhance the patient experience with expanded applications such as:

To learn more about how mobile wayfinding can enhance the patient experience at your site and increase your ROI, you can click here or download the complete guide below.

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