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Recap: Amazon Connect Immersion Day Event

Auto Attendants & Call Queues

Last week, our content center team partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a comprehensive Amazon Connect Immersion Day for users in Kansas City.

Taking You from “What If” to “What Now”

The Amazon Connect Immersion Day events empower organizations to unleash the full potential of their AWS services. The goal of the event was not only to provide attendees with a comprehensive training, but also to instill confidence in their ability to create personalized solutions post-event.

Alexandra Elledge, Lead Technical Writer and Trainer for Perficient’s Amazon Connect Practice, shared her thoughts about the benefit of Amazon Connect Immersion Day events:

 Amazon Connect Immersion Day Kansas City

“By following step by step instructions, participants can take any of the information during the day back and modify it within their own environment. We also give contact flows that they can import into their own Amazon Connect instance. While they are doing activities during the class, they can take the contact flows home and modify them to suit their own needs.”

Amazon Web Services - Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect
Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect

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Participants engaged in hands on training. With guidance from Perficient and AWS experts, the class worked through five lab scenarios focused on creating solutions for frequent customer care concerns. Participation in the labs provided attendees with hands on contact center solution experience, understanding of key AWS services (like LambdaDB, Lex, and DynamoDB) that can be integrated, and troubleshooting concepts for contact centers of all sizes. At the end of the day each attendee went home with a 50-page lab guide containing information on topics covered during the Immersion Day.

In addition to a comprehensive workbook, attendees left Immersion Day with Amazon Connect contact flows. The contact flows could be imported into Amazon Connect where attendees could optimize the original flows to fit their organization. Throughout Immersion Day, participants were empowered to customize these contact flows to create a modern contact center solution specific to the needs of their business.

Armed with hands on experience and tools, attendees returned to their organizations with the tools needed to leverage Amazon Connect with integrated AWS services.

With unique expertise in AWS and customer care solutions, Perficient can help you maximize the power of Amazon Connect and AWS. Our experts can support your customer engagement initiatives from envisioning through adoption in a way that fits your organization’s needs.

To learn more about our Amazon Connect capabilities, click here.

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