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CS Group Drives 400% Increase in Qualified Leads With Improved Marketing-to-Sales Process


This is the fourth post in a four-part series sharing real stories of success in marketing automation.

Construction Specialties Came to us With a Question

“What if we could help marketing and sales engage easier with customers in the buying cycle?”
An outdated sales model was preventing the marketing and sales teams from seeing what customers needed at crucial times in the buying cycle. They wanted to deliver exactly what their customers needed at the right time. They needed insight and a closer connection with their customers during their buying journey. 

Understanding the Current State of the Sales Cycle

We began with an assessment of the existing marketing-to-sales model. The teams met to define a new model for scoring leads based on behavior and demographics. They defined the new MQL stage and mapped out the stages of the lifecycle. We built a new lifecycle model in their marketing automation platform that provided the structure and visibility the teams desired. A clear picture of where every prospect currently was in the sales cycle was available at all times. Key analytics were prepared and delivered to stakeholders regularly to ensure consistent and transparent communication of efforts. 

Closing More Deals With Improved Marketing-to-Sales Process

The teams experienced a 400% increase in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) delivered to sales.
It wasn’t simply an increase in leads, but an increase in quality leads that met the MQL requirements defined by the teams.
The always-on visibility of lifecycle model gave all team members access to information faster and helped close deals by getting customers what they needed right when they needed it. Construction Specialties found the entire process to be so valuable they chose to implement it across other business units. 
To read the full story and more like this, visit Our Work.
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