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Digital Transformation

3 Ways to Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience

Harness your data with a data strategy

Companies often pursue a digital transformation that only focuses on one aspect of the business while missing other areas that are equally important. This ultimately leads to failure because a successful digital transformation requires an understanding of how every facet of your business affects customers and how to incrementally change each area to keep customer experience consistent.

Digital transformation involves examining the different touchpoints with your customers and making sure the entire experience is exceptional.

3 Ways to Streamline Customer Experience: 

1. Audit Your Current Digital Platforms

There are often multiple disparate systems working behind the scenes to keep a company running. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see 50 or 60 applications dedicated to marketing operations, and each system tackles a tiny piece of the whole environment. Get a handle on your existing platforms, understand why you use them, and determine if you really need them. Moving forward, applications and platforms will continue consolidating or cease to exist when providers go out of business. It’s inevitable that other applications will enter the market. Be aware of what they offer compared to what your current platforms provide and support.

2. Be Mindful of All Customer Touchpoints

Look at how solutions impact the entire customer journey. It might be a priority to build a website or digital presence that looks good and leaves visitors with a positive first impression. However, consider all the other areas beyond the digital front door where customers engage with your brand, such as calling customer service, speaking with a salesperson, or using your mobile app. When all of their individual experiences are grouped together, customers form a conclusive opinion of your brand. If one touchpoint leaves a bad impression, you might lose that customer despite your excellent front door. Understand the implications of how one solution can affect other parts of the ecosystem.

3. Keep Communications Consistent

If your company has multiple departments handling various parts of the customer journey, make sure the departments are delivering similar, consistent messaging. If customers receive disparate communications from each, it can leave the impression that one department doesn’t know what the other is doing. Unite your teams, so they can optimize the consistency of customer interactions and communications across all channels.

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About the Author

Mark Polly has significant expertise and experience in digital technologies, and works to create great customer, partner, and employee experiences. He specializes in web content management, portal, search, CRM, marketing automation, customer service, collaboration, social networks, and more. Mark helps clients understand the impact of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence systems on these experiences.

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Mark Polly

Mark Polly is Perficient's Chief Strategist for Customer Experience Platforms. He works to create great customer, partner, and employee experiences. Mark specializes in web content management, portal, search, CRM, marketing automation, customer service, collaboration, social networks, and more.

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