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Why Healthcare is Moving to Cloud: Cost & Time Savings

The following is the second blog in a series about why healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud.

In this series so far, we have looked at how the cloud brings robust data security to healthcare organizations. In this blog, we’ll look at how the cloud can potentially provide cost savings and greater efficiency for healthcare organizations.

Cut costs and accelerate implementation

While no organization is immune to budget concerns, healthcare organizations definitely feel the crunch. Cost-saving solutions that can be generated through greater efficiencies and consolidated processes demand consideration. These cost reductions are welcomed by patients and support the viability of the organization as a whole.

Moving to the cloud often provides these crucial cost savings. The wide variety of cloud solution offerings enables you to reduce hardware and software costs across the board. That the cloud is scalable means you won’t be paying for bandwidth until you need it. This means you’re never paying for what you don’t need.

The way in which you pay for your computing changes when you move to the cloud, as well. Rather than purchasing hardware as a one-time cost, you will instead likely move to a subscription-based model. This has the benefit of not being stuck with a sunk investment and, again, allows you to only pay for what you need.

The cloud also delivers cost savings through its many use cases. With most cloud-based solutions, a core IT security and administrative setup effort can be leveraged across multiple hospital system departments. There are often pre-existing set-up instances available from cloud-provider partners that can dramatically cut costs and accelerate implementation. And the cloud is ideal for multi-region or multi-state healthcare systems needing secure, consistent, and reliable high-performance data delivery to multiple care locations.

Learn more

Downloaded our guide from here and continue to check out our blogs to learn more about why healthcare organizations are moving to the cloud.

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