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Finding Answers In Your Data Should Not Be a Chore

I hate looking for clothes to wear, especially if I’m in a hurry.  Sometimes life gets crazy and my favorite shirt may still be in the dryer, or I can’t find the match to a sock I already have in my hand.   Something easy can turn into a chore very quickly when things aren’t organized.

That is how I feel a lot of the time when it comes to data.  How many times have you asked a data-related question that there is no answer to?  Maybe your data is all over the place, maybe the data isn’t coming in often enough, or maybe the person that would have built the report isn’t available today?  This can be extremely frustrating.

I have worked in and around marketing agencies and media for over a decade and this is a problem that I have run across a good deal.  There are lots of channels that agencies may use to reach customers but for them to get a comprehensive, single pane of glass look, it can be tough.  Want to make it tougher for them?  Mix in the marketing data (social, radio, print, mail, etc) and ask how it relates to internal sales sources, or a custom CRM, or the customer’s loyalty program activity.

To solve the above problem, it seems like companies have people trying to find the match to that missing sock every day.  But that doesn’t have to be the case, Domo provides an easy to use and quick-to-implement solution that allows you to get actionable data instead of just acting to get the data.  Imagine instead of having someone compile reports daily, your data just updates in your visualizations throughout the day?  Imagine not having to go out to find the anomalies in your data, but when those anomalies occur, they come to you via text or email?  With Domo, you can do that.

Maybe you are not getting new data quickly enough, maybe you are sending out reports with stale data (by the way, if your reports aren’t live, the data is already stale).  Or what happens a lot of time, your company has grown, your data footprint has grown, but your analytics solution isn’t keeping up and reports take forever to pull up instead of sub-second like they should have when you started.

Make Domo Your +1

Don’t worry if you have 1k other systems in place and don’t want to be the person that asks for the 1,001st.  Think of Domo as the tool that is going to make the other 1k run more effectively because you’ll have insight into the performance of those in easy to understand dashboards.  Domo is a solution that will make data around it better, so feel free to keep your other solutions.   Let Domo give you the answers to the data questions you’ve always wanted to know.

If you’re involved in Business Intelligence, Marketing, or work with Data in any capacity in your organization, and want to know more about Domo, please reach out to us.  And please feel free to comment on this blog or email me directly ( if you have any questions or comments.

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Has 20 years of experience in IT/Data and hasn't thrown a computer out the window yet. Now helping clients with their BI needs as a Solutions Architect.

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