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Perficient’s Green Team Shares Six Ways to Go Green at Work

Individual Impact Matters When Going Green at Work

Going green isn’t something that happens overnight. 

There are all sorts of reasons why companies do — and do not — embrace a sustainable culture (most often, financial). For companies willing to make the investment, there are all sorts of ways to systematically make changes such as implementing a recycling program, embracing renewable energies like solar and wind, and installing LED lighting.  

While those are all important to making a dent in your sustainability goals, they feel very out of touch for many people.

“It’s like drops in a bucket,” explains “Green Jean” Ponzi, Green Resources Manager of the EarthWays Center with the Missouri Botanical Garden. “When each person is doing their part, those drops add up to incredible benefits for the environment.”

Jean shared over thirty years of sustainability wisdom when came in to speak to colleagues in the St. Louis office about the individual impact of each employee embracing sustainability. 

BONUS: Jean hosts a long-running conversation series with sustainability leaders called EarthWorms intended to “present information, education and conversation with activists and experts on environmental issues and all things green.” Listen here

Six Ways to Be More Sustainable at Work

going green at workWe polled a few members of the Perficient Green Team to share their top tips for fellow colleagues when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle, especially in an office. 

1. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

“Buy in bulk. Buying items/food in bulk bins can save money and packaging.” – Traondria Bryant, Talent Acquisition Coordinator 

2. Simply Put, Just Start

“Start small and gradually increase the ways you contribute. Everything counts towards making a greener world.” – Sarah E. Shapiro, Regional Marketing Coordinator

3. Easy Access Equals Results

“Get your own reusable recycling bag/bin for your desk so you can make fewer trips to the main recycling bins in the office.” – Meghan Frederick, Associate Marketing Manager

4. Remember the Trees 

“Stop printing! Use your technology!!!! :)” – Mary Young, Director, Client Support Services/M&A

5. Get Your Mindset Right

“Trust me…it’s not that hard to do the right thing.” – Ryan Manse, Associate Technical Consultant

6. Indulge in Guilt-free Snack Attacks

“If you eat at your desk, set yourself up for success by being prepared. Try not to purchase individually wrapped items, exchange disposable dishes for reusable cups, plates, silverware (or, if you’re like me, goldware; this set comes with two reusable straws!), and take to-go food in reusable containers. I especially like wax food covers and washable sandwich bags!” – Marisa Lather, Marketing Manager

What else do you do in your office to contribute to sustainability? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @PerficientLife


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