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[Guide] Mobile Wayfinding for Medical Centers

Healthcare consumers increasingly expect the same digital experiences they have in other settings to also be available in their healthcare environment. When it comes to mobile wayfinding – or helping people navigate to their destination – it has become critical to providing a positive patient experience, as well as a way to improve ROI.Mobile Wayfinding

Patients finding their way through massive medical facilities often experience stress and frustration, sometimes resulting in late or missed appointments. This is a problem that costs hospitals more than $150 billion annually in the United States.

Today’s technology compliments mobile wayfinding, which empowers healthcare campuses with innovative, attractive, and cutting-edge options to provide visitors personalized, up-to-date, interactive information.

To learn more about how mobile wayfinding can enhance the patient experience at your site and increase your ROI, you can click here or download the complete guide below.

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