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Cybersecurity Innovator Achieves 75% Improvement in Marketing Operations Efficiency

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This is the third post in a four-part series sharing real stories of success in marketing automation.

Cybersecurity Leader Bromium Came to us With a Question

“What if we could deliver more success by transforming marketing operations and lead management?”
Quite the question!
Bromium had recently implemented Marketo Engage. Its email marketing programs were performing well, yet it was experiencing marketing operational inefficiencies. Organizational practices varied across the platform, which impacted the ability to report on successes. The lack of attribution impacted lead management and alignment with sales. 
The marketing team saw these challenges as an opportunity and reached out to Perficient Digital for help.

Strategic Assessment and Optimization of Marketo Engage

We completed a comprehensive assessment of Bromium’s Marketo Engage instance. A team of strategists and technical experts delivered recommendations to address urgent roadblocks. Long-term recommendations for optimization followed. We designed an actionable roadmap to get the marketing team to the advanced marketing maturity it desired. Bromium implemented the immediate recommendations and established a roadmap for system and process optimization. 

The Road to Marketing Automation Success

By implementing our recommendations, Bromium reported a 75% improvement in marketing operations efficiency. Marketing team members are spending less time on redundant tasks and more on growing the company by delivering qualified leads to sales. The team also reported a significant improvement in lead management and overall relationship with sales.  
Want to hear more about Bromium’s marketing automation success? Read the full story
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  1. I havent thought of the automation of marketing. I use automation at my current job to rid myself of menial task so I can focus on company growth. Great article

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