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Mobile Wayfinding: The Cure for Missed Medical Appointments

Is your organization feeling the pain of missed medical appointments? You are not alone. In fact, late or missed patient appointments cost hospitals more than $150 billion annually.

Often, patients try to navigate their way through massive medical facilities and get lost or experience stress and frustration in navigation. This can result in late or missed appointments. One way to help address this is with a Mobile Wayfinding app. The consumer demand for mobile wayfinding is driven by the large adoption of mobile devices in the United States. Not to mention the growing patient expectation for consumer-like experiences in healthcare. (Think Google Maps for on-demand navigation, only with a more localized and custom experience.)

In 2017, 67% of the US population used a smartphone. That number is expected to increase to 72% by 2021.  Satistia

Added Benefits for  Healthcare Campuses

Did you know that advanced wayfinding options now offer features that go beyond getting from point A to point B?
Modern-day digital wayfinding options deliver expanded solutions to provide people with customized, up-to-date, interactive information. Mobile wayfinding apps can be used to highlight promotions, capture data, and analytics to provide insights on visitor navigation, deliver important announcements, and to drive additional traffic to another key location on-site; such as a cafeteriapharmacy, or gift shop.

Getting Started
While many agree that mobile wayfinding is a powerful tool and can benefit the business and enhance the consumer experience, they’re not sure where to get started. If you want to learn more, check out the new guide Mobile Wayfinding for Medical Centers to gain a better understanding of how a mobile wayfinding strategy can not only enhance the consumer experience and elevate your brand, but reduce missed medical appointments and drive ROI.  

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