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Google Anthos: What You Need to Know

Google Anthos

Back in April, Google announced that their enterprise hybrid, multi-cloud platform was available. Anthos lets users run an application anywhere in a simple, flexible, and secure environment. As one of the first official multi-cloud platforms from a mainstream public cloud provider, there naturally was a lot of questions and curiosity in regards to the announcement. Now that we’ve had several months to get to know Anthos, let’s unpack 4 key details you need to know:

  1. Kubernetes is at the heart of Anthos, but that’s not the only technology it builds upon. Other vital technologies augment the power of Kubernetes for Anthos. A closer look shows us that while Google Kubernetes Engine is the “central command” for Anthos, others such as GKE On-prem, Istio, Velostrata, Stackdriver, etc also play a key role in services for Anthos.
  2. The core theme of Anthos is application modernization. At Google, visions of a future where all enterprise applications run on Kubernetes is common. To make that vision a reality, Google invested in technologies such as Velostrata that perform in-place upgradation of VMs to containers.
  3. Google is teaming up with established industry players. In order to succeed with Anthos, Google knows it needs to have support from other successful partners. That’s why Cisco is extending HyperFlex, ACI, SD-WAN and Stealthwatch Cloud to Anthos to deliver proven software-defined networking capabilities. VMware is adding Anthos support for Pivotal Kubernetes Service (PKS) and SD-WAN by VeloCloud. It is also integrating its popular SDN, NSX, with Istio running within Anthos.
  4. Anthos will boost the confidence of not only Google, but the entire Cloud Native Ecosystem. Google is competing in an environment where software is no more the key differentiator. In order to succeed, it will be relying on the community and ecosystem. This will allow for smaller start up companies who can deliver more specific products that make the cloud native commuting stack complete. Several start ups in the industry will see a huge benefit…thanks, Anthos!

Bottom line – Anthos is sure to positively impact the Cloud Native space, and we’re excited to keep up with the buzz around it. If you’re looking for more information on Anthos, or Google Cloud Platform in general, check out our guide: Jumpstart Your Cloud Journey with Google Cloud Platform.

You can also find more information on Anthos here.

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