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Tackling Supply Chain 4.0 with the Right Partner

In our previous blog post, we discussed how to incorporate Supply Chain 4.0 while not cloud-ready and what that looked like from a strategy and technology standpoint. In our last installment of the guide-to-blog series, we touch on the importance of partnering with the right professional services organization to help guide and execute supply chain initiatives. We understand that choosing the right company to partner with is no easy task. At this point, there may already be several companies vying for your attention and choosing the right one to work with might just be the most difficult part of the journey.

Continue reading to discover why Perficient is the right partner for your next project.

Tackling Supply Chain 4.0

Adopting supply chain 4.0 concepts and practices can be overwhelming for supply chain leaders. The topics explored in this guide provide a starting point for discussing what the journey might look like, and the components of a smooth transition.

Considering all the moving parts in a supply chain transformation project, it is important to partner with a professional services organization that can provide the right level of expertise within the different capabilities of people, process, and technology. Perficient’s Oracle ERP practice has multiple technology certifications, proven methodologies, success stories and expertise across the spectrum of supply chain processes traditionally targeted for rapid success.

Map a Successful  Path to Supply Chain 4.0

Your process design and technology can mean the difference between a responsive and customer-centric supply chain. Investing in a proper roadmap and vision can position an organization to be a market leader and also take advantage of emerging technologies and trends like machine learning, IoT, analytics and social networking.

Why Perficient

Our Oracle Supply Chain practice is comprised of professionals with a vast variety of skills and backgrounds. We have developed internal tools and accelerators, as well as used our deep understanding of both Oracle and multiple industries, to innovate solutions to complex business requirements and process redesigns across the spectrum of supply chain, including procurement, order management, manufacturing/distribution, logistics, service, and maintenance. We also have Oracle financial transformation and optimization experts who frequently complement our supply chain teams to provide a fully integrated solution.

This concludes our guide-to-blog series. We appreciate your time and attention all throughout! To learn more, you can download our entire guide here or below.

To view the entire blog series overview, click here to quickly reference where you need to go.

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Luis E. Sanchez

Luis E. Sanchez leads Perficient's Oracle Supply Chain Management practice and has more than 18 years of experience in leading complex and innovative Oracle technology projects. He has multiple supply chain certifications and deep cross-industry experience. He is a PMP, APICS, Demand Flow, and Oracle EBS/Cloud certified professional, and previously held supply chain management leadership positions at Deloitte, Emtec, and Motorola.

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