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How Our Differences Make for Stronger Collaboration

Corey Brook - Collaboration

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Corey Brooks, senior accountant, writes about how collaboration is essential for a growing business like Perficient.

Collaboration means people working together for the benefit of the end-goal; utilizing personal input, but sacrificing personal needs. Collaboration is very important to a business, at Perficient in particular, and comes into play for me on a daily basis.

Solving Problems Together

The work I do constantly involves collaboration, because individual projects require input from a variety of people, sometimes at different levels. My group works with our internal teams and their financials, such as budgets and reporting. So my customer, or end-user, is another Perficient department or colleague. In the work we do, there is not always a checklist or set way to complete a project.

Perficient is a constantly growing company, frequently adding new employees, expertise, and systems to our force. With constant growth and change, collaboration is a necessity. Problem-solving, flexibility, helping in ways that may not be part of your usual day-to-day job–that’s what collaboration is all about. The projects I work on involve research, calculations, analysis, decision making, guidance, and leadership. These tasks may need to be performed by three different people at three different levels, all working in unison.

Most recently, we implemented a new tax calculation system, and there is always a variety of tasks that need to be performed by a variety of people (IT setup, finance management, end-users). All had to work together to complete the end-product, which included working through hiccups and unexpected challenges. Overcoming obstacles can mean colleagues have to go above and beyond to assist each other.

Our Differences Make Us Stronger

When speaking about my job to others, one of the first things that come to mind is the great cohesion we have in our group. We all get along well, despite our differences. We appreciate and respect those differences, even though we do not agree on everything. On a daily basis, you may need co-workers’ input and assistance, even on the smallest task. Understanding the benefit of positive collaboration creates a good working environment.

My advice for being collaborative: Understand differences in people. You want to have your input but your personal preferences are not the goal. People have different strengths and weaknesses, once you understand what those are – you can work with pretty much anyone.


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